Smear Free Window Cleaning and Polishing With Microfibers

Smear Free Window Cleaning and Polishing With Microfibers

Microfiber cloths are fantastic for cleaning windows for the same reason they’re great at cleaning cars.

The tiny positively charged fibres in microfiber cloths both attract and trap the dirt and dust you’ll find on the windows (even after washing) and keeps them away from the surface while you clean.

This means that microfiber cloths keep cleaner for longer and don’t just spread dirt and grime around the surface you are trying to clean.

Glass can be a pain to get sparkling. The slightest greasy mark or fingerprint can mar the cleanest window and be a menace to remove, but a good microfiber cloth will make light work of them.

Forever Cleaning Windows

If you’re forever cleaning windows, mirrors, picture frames, and other pieces of glass around your house or in the workplace, then you’ll soon see what a difference microfiber cloths can make to your efforts.

Even without any cleaning products, microfiber cloths are fantastic at lifting off dust from any surface and work well with any polishing task. They’re a delicate, yet wonderful fibre that makes cleaning a breeze.

Because microfiber cloths are made up of so many tiny and delicate fibres, they’re far less likely to scratch and damage glass, leaving it crystal clear for longer.