How to Stay on Top of Dust in Your Home

How to Stay on Top of Dust in Your Home

Dust builds up in our homes regardless of what we do, unfortunately there is no escaping it. However; there are ways in which we can combat the accumulation around our homes. Dust is made up of small particles that come from hair, skin, pets, dirt and clothes. Combating it is a great way to reduce people’s allergic relations which include hay fever and skin conditions. Follow the tips and advice below to stay on top of dust in your home and stop it accumulating over time. All these tips are easy and relate to everyday elements that can be changed to help reduce the dust problem in your home.

If you have a dusty home or certain dusty rooms in your home, the first thing you need to do is clear up any existing dust. Vacuuming multiple times weekly is a simple way for you to collected it from both hard floors and carpets especially in areas where people come and go frequently. By vacuuming you will notice an immediate decrease in accumulated dust on both floors and surfaces like furniture and shelves. You should also keep up on the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner by checking and cleaning filters and ensuring that the machine is in full working order. Many machines have filters that can be removed and washed at your convenience.

Be Sure to Dust All Surfaces

Dusting the house with microfiber cloths is a great way to reduce dust that gathers on surfaces. Microfiber cloths are perfect for the job as they are specifically designed to gather and hold the particles. The cloths are great for all surfaces including wood, plastic, and metal. Damp cloths are even better than dry cloths , if you are dusting wooden surfaces be sure to only use dry cloths so you don’t damage your furniture. Many people don’t realise that walls can also get covered in layers of dust, you can use dry microfiber cloths to collect any from walls and avoid damaging paint. You can wash microfiber cloths to get rid of all the dirt on them and use them over and over again.

Dust gathers on textiles over time, textile sofas and cushions are more difficult to clean than leather surfaces. You should beat textiles frequently to get dust out of them and avoid it shooting into the air when people sit down. Washing your bedding weekly can reduce the way it gathers on your bed, and you can avoid scattering the particles into the air when you get in and out of bed. If you have unwanted textiles lying around remove them from your home and take them to your local LMB textile bin so they are not contributing to or collecting dust in your home.

You can buy microfiber cloths online from LMB Supplies. Our products are recycled from unwanted recycled textiles which makes them sustainable and ethical cleaning solutions. For more useful cleaning and recycling tips explore the LMB supplies blog further today.