Stripping & Polishing Hard Floors & Vinyl

Stripping & Polishing Hard Floors & Vinyl

Prior to stripping & polishing any floor you need the proper tools:

  • Two Mop buckets and wringers
  • Two Mop Handles and Mop Heads (16oz)
  • Edging Pad Holder & Pad (Black 10ins)
  • Wet Floor Signs
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Personal Protective Equipment (rubber gloves, eye protection)
  • Floor machine with pad driver board (150>300 rpm)
  • Black floor stripping Pad
  • Wet vacuum with floor squeegee tool
  • Floor stripper solution (rinse free)
  • Floor Polish
  • Small Bucket
  • Small mop head (Round Midi Size) and Handle

Procedures used in Stripping and Polishing Hard Floors and Vinyl

  1. Dust mop or sweep floor area and remove any foreign debris i.e. gum, tar etc.
  2. Mix proper solution of stripper with the correct amount of water into your mop bucket with COLD water (Some strippers are sold in ready to use format).
  3. Post wet floor signs in the appropriate areas.
  4. Mop the stripper solution over the area to be cleaned (Max area of 12ft x 12ft at any one time) and allow adequate time for the solution to penetrate (approx 7 to 10 mins). DO NOT ALLOW THE STRIPPER TO DRY!
  5. After the required time period, agitate the floor surface with a floor machine using the black HD scrubbing pad.
  6. Use the edging pad and holder to agitate the perimeter of the room.
  7. Recover all the stripper solution with a wet vacuum equipped with a proper floor squeegee tool.
  8. If heavy build up is present, repeat steps 4, 5 & 7 until all the polish is removed.
  9. Alternate Process using traditional stripper: After the floor has completely been stripped of all the old polish, change the floor on your floor machine to a clean one. Flood the floor with CLEAN water and agitate the floor with the floor machine and recover the water with the wet vacuum.
  10. Damp mop the floor with a clean mop and clean water.
  11. Do not remove the wet floor signs until completely dry.

Applying the Floor Polish or Finish:

  1. Place a Bin liner into your small bucket allowing the liner to drape over the sides.
  2. Pour the appropriate floor finish or polish into the bucket.
  3. Place your clean mop into the bucket and gently wring out any excess material.
  4. Outline the perimeter of the area to be finished.
  5. Begin applying the finish or Polish in a figure of eight motion, this allows for more overlap therefore leaving no missed spots.
  6. Allow the floor to dry: approximate dry time are between 15 to 25 mins per coat.
  7. Reapply finish until you have achieved the desired results.

How many coat do I need?

  • 2 to 3 = High Shine
  • 3 to 5 = Wet look finish.