Summer Cleaning Tips

summer cleaning tips

With an influx of glorious weather in the U.K over the past week, we think now is the time to provide you with some great tips to keep your homes clean and tidy while you enjoy the sunshine. Beautiful weather sparks increased activity within all of our homes, but with traffic volumes rising in kitchens, hallways, and lounges so does the likelihood of dirt. Our summer cleaning tips will provide you with a number of tricks and hacks to stay on top of all your domestic jobs whilst enjoying as much of the sun as possible. Take a look at some of our other blog articles if you’re looking for more specific cleaning guides such as ‘Recycling Tips for Families’.

Hacks & Summer Cleaning Tips

Our first cleaning tip is more of a prevention measure than a cleaning task, if you follow this tip then you can make your other cleaning tasks easier for you. You should place a large doormat or some rags inside all doors and ask all visitors to remove their shoes as they come in. Any dirt from shoes will then only go this far and not be spread throughout the house and you can shake your rags off outside to get rid of any accumulated dirt from through traffic. This will also make dusting with microfiber cloths far easier as there will be less dirt to exclude from your home.

With children having friends round to play and adults hosting barbecues while the sun shines the additional wear can take its toll on the furniture in your home. One bugbear of homeowners is water marks on tables where drinks are placed without coasters. This is one of our stranger summer cleaning tips but it’s one that could save your coffee or dining table. When you see water marks on a table you can use full fat mayonnaise to remove water rings. The natural oils in the mayonnaise act as natural polish, all you need to do is cover the affected area and leave for a few hours before wiping away with a microfiber cloth to see your table free of water marks.

Barbecues are a summer favourite but can be a nightmare to clean. Our main hack for cleaning barbecues in the summer is simple and will make your next barbecue easier. You’ll need to be very careful with this tip not to burn yourself, once you have had your barbecue you must leave appropriate time to cool to be touched but not allow the remnants to go hard. Take the grill in hand with a rag and use a wire brush to brush any burnt on remnants away leaving your grill ready for your next barbecue.

Enjoy Summer with LMB Supplies

Follow these hints and summer cleaning tips above to keep your home clean and tidy this year and enjoy as much of the summer as possible. You can also find other cleaning hints and tips on the LMB Supplies blog for a wide range of domestic cleaning guides. Buy rags and microfiber cloths online with us today and follow our guides to ensure that your home remains in bright and clean throughout the summer.