The Versatile Life of Recycled Rags

The Versatile Life of Recycled Rags

Many of us have got bags, chests, wardrobes, spare rooms, and garages full to the brim of items we no longer want or need. In many cases these rooms comprise largely of textile items that are no longer required including, clothes, sheets and towels. Textiles are one of those strange household items that just seem to accumulate, with clothing it’s understandable but why we harbour old towels at the back of the airing cupboard for ten years is beyond me. Get them down to your local LMB textile bank, we can give them a new lease of life in a less developed part of the world or turn them into one of our 100% recycled rags.

DIY – With Rags

Old textiles can be great when it comes to a bit of DIY, rags are perfect for cleaning and polishing a variety of different surfaces in the home without causing any damage like torn up shirts and blouses would. It’s always handy to have a bag of rags in the cupboard for wiping away excess paint during a spot of redecoration. It’s inevitable there will be one kind of paint spillage or another, it’s all part of the fun when it comes to doing it yourself. You can even use rags to lag pipes with in older properties during the winter months which can help you to save a few pounds too.

Rags and creativity

There’s every chance that you’ll have an old pair of jeans or a denim jacket lurking away in a cupboard somewhere. For creative types out these can be great garments to make backpacks or handbags out of. You can even use fabric from some of your rags to make little pockets on the denim to add some character to your new bag. You can also use denim as the skin for a door stopper stuffed with rags or draught excluders for ill-fitting doorways.

Childish Activities

Rags are great when your kids have friends over for playdates to be painted with, you can also use some to clear up any mess that gets made during the painting session. Tug of war is a popular party game, tying up rags as the tug is great because the knots give the kids something to hold onto while they play. Jump the bag is a great game for kids to play at parties, just stuff some rags into a bag and attach some rope and you have a bag for the kids to jump over.

Give Your Old Textiles a New Life

Rather than let them take up valuable space in your home get your unwanted textiles into your local LMB clothes bank so we can send them on a new journey. It’s great for the planet and declutters your storage space, you never know you may have the textiles back one day in the form of one our recycled rags to do your DIY with. Check out our video to discover the journey that your unused textiles could go on.