What can you do with a bag of rags?

What can you do with a bag of rags?
We love rags. This is why we’ve built our business model around selling rags. We also love recycling, which is why our rags all come from recycled materials. Now, while buying a bag of rags might seem boring, we would beg to differ. Over the years we’ve found lots of fun things to do with our rags; don’t believe us? Then simply read below for just a few of the fun things you can do with a bag of rags.
Have a rag fight 
Similar to a snowball fight, but which can be done at any time of year and in any weather. Simply wet the rags, scrunch them up into a ball shape and throw. Ideally this is done outside with lots of room to run around. Alternatively, living rooms can provide places to act as defence barriers when facing a rag onslaught, and if the onslaught gets too much, you always have a white flag at hand to wave!
Get arty 
Ever looked at modern art and think you could do better? If so, grab a bag of rags and give it a go. You can buy a bag of mixed coloured rags and create a colourful fabric collage, all you need is a board, glue and a bag of rags. If collages aren’t for you, instead you can use the rags as an alternative painting tool over traditional brushes. The rags will provide different types of strokes and textures, making them a fun way to experiment with your art.
Create an obstacle course
For the more active, rags can create a fun and energetic obstacle course. Use the rags as markers to line the obstacle route. You could also get creative and sew rags together to create tunnels for racers to crawl through. Along with the rags, you can grab a few household items to make the course more interesting, for example washing baskets make a great obstacle to jump over. From our experience we recommend that obstacle courses be created outside to provide more space to run around.
Make a fancy dress costume 
We love fancy dress parties and find any excuse to throw one. Over the years we have found our rags the ideal material needed to create fun, scary or original fancy dress costumes. When Halloween comes around, our white cotton rags make great mummy and ghost costumes; or you can dye the rags to make a fantastic corpse bride outfit. Stich together our mixed coloured rags and you can create an old-fashioned gypsy skirt. If you want something a bit more original, our rags are ideal for creating a rag doll costume.
These are just some of the fun things that can be done with our bag of rags. How about you buy a bag and try some of them out, or if you have more ideas post it to our Facebook page and let everyone join in the fun.