Why Be Wasteful When You Can Be Helpful?

Why Be Wasteful When You Can Be Helpful?

We waste far too much in this country. The landfills are fit to burst with perfectly good materials that could be recycled, reused or resold.

Textiles and other materials make up more than 12% of the materials in landfill sites. In 2009, research showed that 1 million tonnes of textiles were thrown away each year, yet 50% of those materials could be recycled.

LMB Supplies works with schools to educate children on how to minimise the amount of textile waste going into landfills. LMB encourage children to:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse; &
  • Recycle

These points help to change the mind-set of children and make our world a better place by reducing waste and thus minimising our carbon footprint.

Recycling Rags with LMB

LMB Supplies recycle a range of textiles and clothing products turning them into new products such as rags and cloths or exporting them overseas for sale in Eastern Europe and other far-flung parts of the world, for example, 95% of second hand clothing is exported to Uganda for second hand sales.

We have banks for recycling your clothes all over the country and we’re constantly working with local councils to encourage you to recycle your clothes and make it easier for you to do so.