3 Tips For Homemade Window Cleaning

3 Tips For Homemade Window Cleaning

We know how it is, sometimes it can be easier and cheaper to get a job done yourself. As we all become a bit more conscious of how the materials we use impact the planet, there’s been a big turn in people picking up DIY for jobs around the house and the office.

That includes cleaning windows. When your place needs a thorough wipe-down from top to bottom, it’s best to get the specialists in but there are times where you can do it yourself. 

For those of you looking to be a bit of a homemade window cleaner, we’ve pulled together our 3 tips on how to clean, polish and shine your windows from home. DIY style.


1. Make your own homemade glass cleaner

We’ve all tried cleaning windows with vinegar but actually a homemade glass cleaner is easy to pull together and will save you forking out a fortune on expensive cleaners from the supermarkets. It’s also more sustainable to make DIY glass cleaner as you can make larger batches and keep reusing the same plastic sprayer.

Check out this video on how to make your own homemade glass cleaner:


2. Use Recycled Rags for Scrubbing and Shining

You’ll need your own rags for general window cleaning and then polishing and shining. At LMB, we sell 100% recycled rags for window cleaning, which means you’re doing wonders for your windows and your bit for the planet. We stock two styles of rags that cover all the tasks you need for cleaning windows from home. 

Our Standard White Rag is perfect for the initial scrub and clean, no matter the grease and grime. Our White Sheeting Rag is made for polishing and shining, thanks to its 100% cotton count and very absorbent material. Both our rags are lint-free so there’s no risk of scratches. 


3. Stay away from Squeegees - Clean and then Polish

You don’t need much technique to get a smear free shine on those windows but it’s all about removing the grease and dirt first, then cracking on with polishing and shining for a watermark free finish. If you’re doing window cleaning DIY style, we’d recommend sticking to your LMB recycled rags and not using a squeegee like the pros.

Squeegees are very messy and have a lot of drip factor, especially for smaller indoor windows. The technique you need is use your standard white rag and plenty of homemade glass cleaner, get rid of dirt and grit first. From there, use your white sheeting rag to absorb the last bits of moisture to polish and shine, leaving you with a crystal clear pane. 

Buying LMB, helps you help the planet

At LMB, we’ve been stocking and supplying recycled rags and wipers for over 30 years, we’ve been big on green before it came into fashion. Our recycled products for homemade window cleaners make a sustainable alternative to the virgin materials used in regular retail wipers. 

With every clean window, you’ll have the peace of mind you’ve done a little bit to help the planet by choosing recycled rags. 

We’re here to help

We’re a family run business and we pride ourselves on top customer service and top quality products. We’re here to help you find the right rags for your window cleaning, you can email or call us to discuss. 

Pickup your Standard White Rag and White Sheeting Rag today for a brighter window and less waste for the planet.

We’re LMB, We Sell Recycled Rags | Since 1985

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