Buying Guide for Mechanics: Recycled Rags & Wipers

Buying Guide for Mechanics: Recycled Rags & Wipers

Buying Guide for Mechanics: Recycled Rags & Wipers

We’ve been stocking a selection of rags for mechanics that over the years have kept their tools and workshops clean and oil free. Our rags and wipers are fully recycled, highly absorbent and totally durable. You can rely on them to wipe off mud, clean up oil and wipe away grease. No equipment is too oily and no surface is too dirty.

We’ve pulled together a buying guide so you can choose the right wipers and rags for your workshop or garage:


Rags and wipers for dirt and oil free workshops


1) White Sheeting Rag - for polishing and shine
These rags are absorbent, extra soft and made from 100% cotton. They’re lint-free and won’t scratch, which means they’re great for polishing and shining everything from car bonnets to glass panels.

2) Coloured Cotton Hosiery Rag & Wipers - for general purpose cleaning
These coloured hosiery rags are stoic for general purpose cleaning. If you’ve got a mucky surface or an oily tool, these are ideal for the task. They are highly absorbent, lint free and made from 100% recycled t-shirt cotton. A watch out, if you are using a solvent to clean, the colours may run. In that instance, you’re better off with a white sheeting or white standard rag.

3) Coloured Towelling - great for absorbing spills
Our coloured towelling is thick, heavy and very absorbent for oil or water spills. This high-quality recycled towelling is one of the most absorbent cotton products on our website. These are versatile for absorption and polishing but be aware of the softness of the material, which isn’t built for tough scrubbing. 

4) Standard White Rag - for glass cleaning
These rags are one of our best sellers at LMB. They are eco-friendly and premium quality, thanks to their high cotton percentage. This standard white rag is a must for any glass cleaning task, no matter the grime or grease. 

5) Mixed Coloured Rag and Wipes - for tough cleaning and wiping
These rags are for the toughest of jobs thanks for their durability and versatility. The cotton-rich recycled materials are good for getting into the toughest places like oily machinery. These have much lower absorbance than the towelling or hosiery but make up for it in toughness. 

6) Mixed Coloured Sweatshirt Rag -  versatile cleaning rag that lasts
In terms of mileage, these sweatshirt rags will give you the best run. They are recycled sweatshirt so the material is tough and ready for any stain, spill or surface. With absorbent and lint-free material, this sweatshirt rag will handle anything from a muddy boot to a quick polish of a bumper.


Buying LMB, helps your business help the planet

At LMB, we’ve been stocking and supplying recycled rags and wipers for over 30 years, we’ve been big on green before it came into fashion. Our recycled products for mechanics make a sustainable alternative to the virgin materials used in regular retail wipers. They’ll also save your business a bit of money in the process. 


With every clean tool and workshop, you’ll have the peace of mind you’ve done a little bit to help the planet by choosing recycled rags.


We’re here to help

We’re a family run business and we pride ourselves on top customer service and top quality products. We’re here to help you find the right rags for your workshop or garage, you can email or call us to discuss. 


We’re LMB, We Sell Recycled Rags | Since 1985

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