Knock-Out Waste with Recycled Punch-Bag Filling

Knock-Out Waste with Recycled Punch-Bag Filling

Knock-Out Waste with Recycled Punch-Bag Filling

Any good home gym or workout space needs a punch-bag. It’s a great piece of equipment for budding boxers and kickboxers but also a versatile piece of kit that can be a core part of any strength or cardio routine. 

Home gyms have been popping up as more people look to bring their workout routines under their own roof. Setting up a punch-bag takes a bit of knowhow, here’s our top-tips.

How to set up your punch-bag in 3 steps

    1. A Durable Bag

      Buying your own punching bag to fill is much cheaper but remember to source a good outer bag, one that has durability and sweat proof material.

    2. Choose a Firm Filling.

      Filling your own punch bag means you have more control over the weight and feel, a heavier bag will require stronger punches. Our LMB recycled punch-bag filler is adaptable so it fits any bag size. It’s more absorbent and gives you a firmer punch for a better workout. This means you’re working a bit harder and reducing strain when you land a punch.  

    3. Pack the filling down and layer up

      Once you have your LMB recycled filling, be sure to pack it right down using a baseball bat or something similar. Then, keep layering the filling until you reach the top of the bag where it should zipper shut - if it won’t close, you’ll need to keep packing down.

Our recycled filler helps you help the planet

At LMB, we’ve been stocking and supplying recycled punch-bag filler for over 30 years, so we’ve been big on going green before it came into fashion. Our recycled punch bag filler makes a great alternative to the pellets and sand that you find in most punchbags. Our filler is compiled of recycled rags and cloths, meaning the material shapes and fits to the size of any punch bag. 

Our filling is free from hard plastics, buttons and zips and helps repurpose cloth and rags, keeping them from landfill and creating more waste. When you purchase our filling, you’ll have made a small difference to the planet. 

We're here to help

We’re a family run business and we pride ourselves on top customer service and top quality products. We’re here to help you find the right punch-bag filler order, you can email or call us to discuss. Our orders start in packs of 4x 10kg which is perfect for a standard sized punch bag. 

Pickup your recycled punch-bag filler today for a better punch and less waste for the planet.

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