Clean Your Car With Microfiber Cloths & Rags

Clean Your Car With Microfiber Cloths & Rags

Cleaning your vehicle doesn’t need to be a chore for you any longer with the LMB Supplies guide to the interior and exterior detailing of your car. If you’re going to clean your car you may as well clean both inside and out, we’re going to help make completing the whole job easy for you. Clear the dirt and mud from your rims and bust the dust from your dash, all of this can be done with microfiber cloths and rags. You will need a number of microfiber cloths and rags in order to complete different tasks while you clean your car.

We advise you to have at least two microfiber cloths and two rags to clean the exterior of your vehicle and the same again for the interior. This may sound like a lot of cloths and rags just to clean your car but they will all do individual jobs. Using different cloths will stop dirt and oil spreading from areas such as wheel arches and alloys onto paintwork or (heaven forbid) getting inside your car. Once you have your cloths and rags together fill a bucket with warm water, add your car shampoo, and wash your car down with the hose and you’re ready to clean your car.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

Soak your first microfiber cloth in your bucket and commence with your washing, start on the paintwork as opposed to alloys and wheels to avoid any scratches.  You should use your second microfiber cloth soaked with clean water to rinse the washed areas until only a fine film of moisture remains on the car. Use your clean dry rag to remove the remaining moisture and polish to a shine. An LMB Supplies top tip is to clean glass in circular motions for a great finish. You should use a separate rag or cloth to clean your alloys and wheels to stop the spread of dirt and prevent scratches as previously mentioned.

The interior of our cars often gets neglected but it’s really easy to clean the inside of your vehicle to a high standard with microfiber cloths. Get rid of any debris inside your vehicle including stray clothing, and empty drink bottles. Use one of your microfiber cloths in order to collect dust from the dashboard, centre console, and any other plastic areas. Another LMB top tip is microfiber cloths are great for cleaning leather seats as they are specifically designed to pick up dust and dirt. You should use another damp microfiber cloth to easily clean the interior windows and plastic covers on the dashboard as well as any grubby buttons. Use your dry rag to wipe any moisture away and polish the glass to a smear free finish. If you have textile seats you may want to vacuum the seats and then you’re there, and that’s all it takes to clean your car.

That’s All It Takes To Clean Your Car

You can buy microfiber cloths and rags online from LMB Supplies so you can get started on cleaning your car today. They’re not just useful for cleaning cars, check out our other blog articles and discover why microfiber cloths and rags should be staple items in your cleaning arsenal. When they’ve served their purpose to you simply pop them into an LMB Supplies textile bank and recycle them so they can help clean someone else’s car.