How to Clean Your Kitchen Efficiently

how to clean your kitchen

The kitchen is the nemesis of the homeowner when it comes to cleaning. There are many different elements of the kitchen clean that are thoroughly unenjoyable; many of us procrastinate against doing them completely. Follow the LMB guide to clean your kitchen with hints and tips to stop it getting in such a mess in the first place; as well as some speedy hacks to make otherwise lengthy jobs easier. This post is an overview to kitchen cleaning, if you’re looking to clean a particular appliance try one of our other blog posts like the LMB guide to cleaning your oven.

Have a Specific Order to Clean Your Kitchen

Being organised always helps to save time and this is more relevant in the kitchen than any other room. Firstly get the materials you need to clean your kitchen ready; it pays to store these things in one place; the cupboard under the sink is the best option. You will need two cleaning rags, a microfiber cloth and the surface cleaner of your choice.

Next, round up all the washing up and briefly organise it in the order you want to wash up. Fill the bowl with water and soak any items with stubborn sauce stains. Now use your kitchen cleaner to spray the worktops and other surfaces like the hobs and tiles to break down any grease and dirt that has accumulated.

The microwave usually saves us time but when it comes to cleaning it’s one of the jobs that people dislike the most. Not any more, we have an LMB Supplies top tip to cleaning your microwave quickly and easily. Take small cleaning rag and wet it in lemon infused water and place it in the microwave. Run the microwave on the highest setting for three minutes. While that runs and cools down take your microfiber cloth and wipe the fridge, top cupboards, shelves and other high surfaces down. Microfiber cloths are great for this as they are designed to collect as much dirt as possible, start at the top and work your way down. The cloth in the microwave should now be cool enough to handle, the microwave will be damp inside from steam that’s risen out of the cloth. Use the cloth to wipe any dirt away easily, your microwave should now look clean and have a fresh lemon scent.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Kitchen Floor

Now it’s time for you to finish your washing up, anything that had a stubborn stain should have had ample time to soak now and wipe clean easily with your cloth. Once you’ve done your washing up wipe down any lower cupboards, appliances or surfaces. Another top tip is clean as you go, to save yourself having one big job if you clean up as much as possible when you’re preparing a meal you can save yourself a lot of time.

Now you’re onto the home stretch, it’s time to change the bin and grab your vacuum cleaner. Run around your kitchen floor with the vacuum cleaner picking up any dirt that has dropped down from surfaces and cupboards; as well as any dust and dirt that has was on the floor from pets, shoes and other sources of domestic debris. If you have time mopping the floor is always an added bonus. However; if you’re on a tight schedule you’re done and have successfully and efficiently cleaned your kitchen.

Explore the LMB Supplies blog for further cleaning tips and guides on how to clean your home or business. You can even buy cleaning cloths and rags online from LMB Supplies for your home or in bulk if your commercial premises requires rags or microfiber cloths.