Everyday recycling tips for families

Everyday recycling tips for families

At LMB our focus is on environmentally and financially sustainable waste management; recycling is a large part of our business model which includes the disposal of textiles. British consumers have recently spoken out about their confusion regarding exactly what can and can’t be recycled; a recent survey reported in The Guardian stated that 63% of householders are perplexed about the varying rules from different local authorities.

It’s important to remember that the dictionary definition of the word recycle is to “Convert (waste) into reusable material”. This means that our recycling habits can go much further than following the guidelines for what can; and cannot; be placed in our wheelie bins for collection. There are a number of different ways that we can all recycle at home and we can have fun doing it with our families as well.


 Upcycling is a great way for us to recycle at home every day; rather than just throw an item in the rubbish think ‘Can I use this for anything else?’ With a bit of imagination we can all save money; help the environment; and have fun doing it. Many of the everyday upcycling hacks are fun to do with children which makes for fun filled family afternoons.

You can turn clear plastic sweet pots into handy herb and spice dispensers; with a little additional DIY empty jam jars can be cleaned and turned into magnetic cooking containers; and old Lego can be used to make useful items like a key organiser. These are all small things that could be applied to every home to save items going to land fill.

Don’t Bin Textiles

We all have items of clothing and shoes that we no longer wear; but just because you’re done with something that doesn’t have to be the end of its life. Collect your old clothes; shoes; and other textiles and take them to an LMB clothes bank so they can be recycled.

The items will be sorted into those suitable to be sent to less economically successful parts of the World to be enjoyed by someone new; or recycled to become one of our rags; wipers; or microfiber cloths. Our rags and cloths are great versatile products that can be used for a variety of different hose hold chores. With a bag of rags you have house hold cleaning; vehicle maintenance; and pet mess limitation all in check.

Smart Cleaning

Using natural products in the home is a great way to recycle; you will be buying less cleaning products which means less packaging to dispose of; most importantly you can achieve great results. For instance vinegar can be used to clean hard floors; worktops; windows and appliances effectively. Just use one part white vinegar to ten parts water and you have a quick easy homemade cleaning solution.

If you have a hard floor anywhere at home; you probably have a floor sweeper to pick up dust and dirt. The refill heads on these can be quite expensive and often can’t be washed; place a fluffy sock over the sweeper instead of buying new heads. The socks collect dust as well as the heads do and you can just wash it in your machine for as many uses as you like.

Remember the old saying ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat?’ That goes for recycling too; there are many ways that we can recycle not just placing the right items in out wheelie bins. To solve the confusion over what goes in which bin you could put stickers of appropriate items on the bins themselves. And remember not too throw old your old clothes, take them to an LMB clothes bank and give them a new lease of life.