Fast Fashion Victim?

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Are you a victim of fast fashion?

Is your wardrobe full of clothes from high street stores, bought for a cheap price yet hardly worn? Its okay, we have all fallen victim to fast fashion because shopping sustainably can be expensive, and a long process especially to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. But there is huge consequences of buying these fast fashion clothes that affects people and the environment.

Fast fashion effects our planet in ways you would’ve never thought it did, for instance, the volume of water consumed by apparel production each year is equivalent to 32 million Olympic swimming pools. This is a huge amount of an extremely valuable and necessary resource being wasted and contaminated in the process. Not only is this affecting our planet, but it is also exploiting vulnerable people who need work, their wages can be as low as $1-$3 a day and a top operate CEO earns as much in a year as 10,000 garment workers earn in Bangladesh.
These facts have likely shocked you, and they should do, but we don’t expect you to throw out your whole wardrobe and buy solely from sustainable brands, this would be unattainable. We have some tips to help you out and get the guilt of fast fashion off your conscious.

The three R’s

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the best mantra when trying to become more sustainable in any part of your life, including your fashion. It’s simple yet effective and easy to follow. These easy tips will allow you to live more sustainably, have a positive lasting effect on the planet and can even make you some money.


Start at the beginning of your new personal mantra with reducing.

You should start reducing the amount you buy from these fast fashion brands. In todays society, companies push out new clothes so quickly that if you don’t buy, you feel out of fashion but this is just one of their methods to encourage you to buy more even though you don’t need it. Every time you go clothes shopping, you should stop and question “Do I really need this?”. If there is any hesitation in your answer to this or you just know you are buying it because you want it, Don’t buy it. Your wardrobe should only hold clothes that you need and wear often, too often we buy new items, sometimes incredibly similar to items we already own, just because we want them. Challenging yourself every time you clothes shop will not only help save the planet but will also save you money too in the long run.


Once you’ve started to reduce the amount of items you’re consuming, you need to reuse the clothes you already have.

All your clothes should make regular appearances in your outfits to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. A good sign of you loving your clothes the most you can, is when they start to break. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to buy new clothes, instead you should fix them, whether its patching a pair of jeans, sewing a new button on or actually taking it to a seamstress to fix for you, you can always get a longer wear past the first rip or tear. Although going to a seamstress may seem an expensive option, in the long run it will save you money as you won’t need to go out and buy a new item but rather just double its life span.


Unfortunately though, there will come a time where clothes are past their lifetime and its time to invest in a new item of clothing.

Instead of just throwing this item of clothing away, you can recycle it and there is a numerous amount of ways to find a new purpose for your old clothes or find them a new home. One way is to hand it on, this could be to a younger sibling, friend or even sell it online. If the clothing is still of good quality, its the perfect way to either make some money or just ensure the clothing gets the most amount of wear out of them. The next option is to donate them to a charity, this way whoever buys them will be contributing to a good cause and help out with someone else’s life whilst shopping sustainably and buying second hand clothes. Lastly, you could recycle them to a company like us. We can ensure your old textiles go to good use. We will recycle your material you donate, re-purpose them in to rags and wipers then sell them through a network of distributors across the country who sell them to specialist markets. This is a great way to expand the life of your material, as it will recycled into a whole new product, giving your textiles a whole new lifespan. LMB is a great way for businesses to also make their place of work more sustainable, meaning your donation will have a positive knock-on effect to other people and companies to become more eco-friendly.

Following all of these tips will help you to start to live a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute positively to the planet. Make reduce, reuse and recycle your new personal mantra when it comes to fast fashion to save money and look after our planet.