How to clean your house in a hurry

How to clean your house in a hurry

We have all been there, whether it is unexpected guests or whether you’ve just forgotten you are having people round, we have all had that moment of complete embarrassment of guests seeing the state of your house. Don’t panic! We have some tips that will make your house look sparkly even though it will only take you ten minutes.

First Step:

Scan the house. Grab a bag, laundry basket or bin liner and throw in everything that is out of place. Then hide it somewhere your guests won’t go.

Second Step:

Plump the pillows on your sofa and fold up any blankets. Swipe off each cushion for loose crumbs or if you have a leather sofa, use an antibacterial wipe which will clear away any unwanted marks or crumbs.

Third Step:

Grab all of your letters, newspapers and magazines and stick them in a pile. Then stick the pile in a corner where it can go unnoticed.

Fourth Step:

Don’t forget your bathroom! Wipe the sink, toilet seat and bath (if you have one), throw anything that is out of place into a draw or cupboard and spray some air freshener. This will make your bathroom look shiny clean (even if it really isn’t!)

Fifth Step:

Rinse off any dirty plates in the sink and stack them on the drying rack or stick them in the dishwasher, run an antibacterial wipe across all the surfaces in the kitchen.

Sixth Step:

Close all the doors to the rooms that you don’t want your guests to see! People are nosy, but if the door is closed, it clearly means off limits.

So there it is. These are your 6 simple steps to making it look like you have your house together, it will be super fast and your guests won’t suspect a thing. Remember though, it isn’t the end of the world if your guests do see a little bit of mess, we have all been there and they will understand so it isn’t anything to panic over! Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself whilst entertaining guests, there is no point doing all that cleaning, only to be too stressed out to have a good time.