How to Remove Cough Syrup from Carpet

Having a cough is bad enough, but spilling the syrup on the carpet will only add to your woes!

Several cough syrup brands come in a variety of colours. Bright and colourful syrups are the worst kind of stain and may be more difficult to remove, especially on light coloured carpets and rugs.

As such, the key to removing cough syrup from carpet and other fibres is to act swiftly – use an absorbent cloth to dab the problem area and soak up the majority of the liquid before it has a chance to set into the fibres.

Some rubbing alcohol or clear vinegar will work well at removing cough syrup stains – they fight against the stickiness and colours of the syrup. Use plenty of fluid and water to dab the stain and remove it from the carpet. A clean, absorbent cloth from the choice listed below and plenty of dabbing will do the rest!