How to Remove Fruit Juice Spills from Carpet

With little ones around, fruit juice spills can easily happen. You’ll need to use elbow grease and a combination of supplies to deal with the resulting stains.

The first step should always be to blot the stain – use a soft, dry and absorbent cloth to soak up the worst of the liquid and keep it from having enough time to soak into the fibres.

The next step involves using a professional stain remover. Blotting a stain remover using a clean cloth will help work away at the stain, but if it’s really bad you can use specialist carpet shampoo and detergent to really work into the fibres. Be sure to use plenty of fluid and to blot as you work, but avoid using too much pressure or circular motion or you might simply push the stain further into the carpet.

Repeat if necessary and leave to dry. Some stains may be permanent but don’t lose faith; they may just need repeated treatments!

Take a look at the wide variety of cleaning cloths, rags and wipers we offer which are perfect for dealing with liquid spills all over the house.

NB – An extra top tip

Liquid stains can cause a headache so if you often find yourself scrubbing away at spilt drinks; why not consider applying some protective chemicals to your carpet? This can help to prevent the stain from soaking in in the first place. Scotch Guard and other sealant style products add a protective layer to fibres and prevent liquids from soaking in, or at least help to reduce the amount that soaks in.