How to Wash Microfiber Cloth

How to Wash Microfiber Cloth

Knowing how to wash microfiber cloth properly is important because otherwise this amazing material can be ruined forever. You should treat this type of cloth differently to other fabrics because it has a unique composition of fibres, which is also what makes it so good at clinging to things like dust, dirt, oil, grease and wax.

How to wash microfiber cloth varies depending on what you have cleaned

Whilst domestic use will mainly consist of dust, commercial usage will require removing much more difficult soiling. Our guide balances the cost of cleaning with maximum lifespan and amount of soiling.

In either case, separate depending on that type of soiling, washed separately, and ensure all are thorough dried before storing.

What not to do

Whilst microfiber cloth is very good at clinging on to things, it is so good that you need to be careful what goes near it because it may be difficult to remove afterwards.

  • Avoid washing with cotton and/or towelling due to the lint content.
  • Avoid using fabric softener because the special microscopic fibres will matte together.
  • Your regular laundry detergent can damage the material; you can lose the softness and instead get a stiffer, ineffective cloth. For stubborn tasks, use detergents with care. Avoid any containing bleach, whiteners, or fragrance.
  • Avoid vinegar because this can erode the special dust-capturing fibres.

Domestic guide

For the most part, you will simply need water. This will ensure the longest lifespan for your valuable cleaning accessory. First shake off the dust you can, then either hand wash by hand (aggressively rubbing the material against itself) or put in the washing machine (taking note of the section above). If you need to use a detergent for stubborn dirt, see the above section.

Wash no higher than 30°C because the fine fibres can melt, rendering the special fabric ineffective.

Since you’re at home and this material dries within hours, it’s best to dry naturally and maximise the lifetime and cleaning capacity.

Commercial guide

How to wash microfiber cloth from commercial use is only slightly more complicated – you should just be a little bit more careful of how you wash and use a special microfiber detergent.

First, separate dirt, dust, oil, wax, ink etc into different piles to be washed separately. Pre-soak particularly bad stains in water. Then, using a special microfiber-friendly detergent, put in the washing machine on a medium-low heat.

Use a tumble drier on its lowest setting, but it’s better to dry naturally if you can. Ensure the inside is as lint-free as possible, and put no other fabric or products in.

To conclude

We hope that you have found our guide on how to wash microfiber cloth useful. They should last a few years or at least 100 washes. Following these steps will maximise the lifetime of these amazing products, but eventually, no matter they will deteriorate no matter how careful you are. As it happens, you can buy them from our website.