Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips

We sell a range of cleaning cloths and recycled rags used for a variety of industrial and commercial cleaning purposes. So we know a few things about how best to put those tools to the best use.

We’d like to share a few hints and tips with you in an effort to help you get the most from your efforts. The following is a list of our top 10 tips on window cleaning.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight – cleaning windows on a bright sunny day might seem like a good idea because you can see the dirt more easily, but cleaning windows in direct sunlight leads to other hazards; water will dry quickly, resulting in watermarks and windows that are messier than when you started.
  2. Keep Your Tools Clean – dirty tools won’t do you any good. A dirt-free bucket, clean squeegee and fresh water will ensure the dirt washes off how it should.
  3. Minimal Detergent – use a small amount of detergent to prevent smearing and keep costs down.
  4. Avoid Sponges – sponges collect dirt and spread it around. Particles caught in the sponge could scratch and damage the glass leaving it looking awful. A lambswool mitt or similar applicator will keep dirt away from the glass and result in a cleaner, shinier window.
  5. Sideways Squeegee – if you’re using a squeegee, turning it sideways can make all the difference – forcing water to flow down the window rather than across both sides of your tool. Keeping the squeegee clean also prevents leaving blade marks and traces of dirt on the clean glass.
  6. Plenty of Water – washing windows involves using plenty of fresh water. Wash that dirt away.
  7. Mind the Edges – be sure to wipe the edges of the windows where watermarks and spots are more likely to form.
  8. Microfiber Magnificence – if you’re looking for an excellent finish, then glass microfiber cloths are your best option. With tiny, gentle fibres, they lift dirt away as you clean and polish and lead to a better shine than you’d get from any other cloth or wipe.
  9. Speed or Quality? – you need to think about whether you’ll be cleaning a lot of windows and need to do it quickly or opt for quality instead. Most professional window cleaners’ use an 18″ squeegee, but for residential properties that might be a bit unnecessary.
  10. Mind the Inside! – It goes without saying that you need to do both sides of the glass for a truly sparkling clean, but it’s important to be careful not to spill water inside the house/establishment.