What to do with your old clothes

What to do with your old clothes


According to research carried out by Censuswide, the UK is set to buy 50 million throwaway outfits before the end of this summer. That’s a lot of clothes, not to mention an awful lot of waste. So to keep those garbs from ending up in landfill and adding to the 22 million tons of rubbish we already throw away each year, here are three things to do with your old togs.

Repair it

Getting rid of your old clothes simply because they’re torn or stained can be tempting in our throwaway society. But before sending your old outfits to the great laundry basket in the sky, why not play around with different stain removers and washing techniques? You’ll be surprised how easily the stains you previously thought were permanent can be removed. If you’re not very confident with a needle and thread, there’s also the option of using a seamstress or tailor. These sartorial whizzes can fix just about anything as well as alter garments you might have outgrown.

Sell it

We’ve all done it: you open the wardrobe, stare at your clothes and after trying on what feels like everything in your closet, you’re still no closer to deciding what to wear. The source of our indecision is often having too many clothes to choose from. So if you’re a bit of a fashion hoarder, sell your old clothes online to make getting ready in the morning less stressful.

Selling secondhand clothes online has never been easier – there are now apps and services that, for a small share of your profits, will streamline the sales process and make selling your clothes as simple and lucrative as possible. Some sites, like Preloved, will even let you place classified ads for free.

Donate it

Sometimes our old clothes aren’t suitable or in good enough condition to sell online, so the next best option is donating them to charity or recycling services like us!

Here at LMB services, we recycle about 40% of the old clothes we receive, with the other 60% going to developing countries to enjoy a second life.

The textiles we recycle are usually too warn or stained to be sent overseas for re-use, so we make them into rags and then sell them to UK businesses. If you’re interested in learning how to make your business more sustainable, take a look at our range of products. There’s something for everyone, from engineers and decorators to engineers and window cleaners.